Watch this video and more on The #BlackMuslimGirlFly® Film Festival

Watch this video and more on The #BlackMuslimGirlFly® Film Festival

Consternation - BMFF2018 Finalist

Dramatic Shorts • 5m 22s

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  • COVERED - BMFF2018 Jury Prize Winner

    A married Muslim woman in crises becomes obsessed with 'what' is buried in her disheveled backyard only to discover that it's not 'what', but 'who'. Tonight, at her breaking point she will dig it all up before day breaks.

  • City in the Sea - BMFF2018 Finalist

    With only his brother and sister-in-law as his remaining family, Judah attempts to escape the trauma of losing his wife and daughter in a tragic accident. He escapes into the anonymity of homelessness, only to meet Matt, a young man who encourages him to return to those who love him.

  • Jazz In Wakanda - BMFF2019 Best Narra...

    Julie, French & African immigrant, and her daughter Jazz, 7, are on their way to see the Greek tragedy "Antigone." As they stop by to get a milkshake, the cashier points out Julie' slight accent. The comment not only causes discomfort to both mother and daughter but triggers a much deeper con...